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The village of Qinbi is promoted by advertisements and photographers, adding its own terrain and architecture features. It is therefore known as "Matsu's Mediterranean". It is also one of the most important sight-seeing spots on Beigan township.

The Qinbi rural area is a Mindong-style architecture. The building material is a combination of yellowish, red, brown, and other color of granite, which the texture of the building stone is rough. It is located in front of a mountain and it is facing the sea, built like a staircase along the mountain, and the layers are stacked one after another. This is the most representative rural area of Matsu Mindong architecture.

he main gather place for their belief of Qinbi Village is the Tianhou Palace, which watches over every member in the village in the Matsu area.

Many of the old houses in the village are currently diversified and converted into bed and breakfasts or cafes. The villagers who originally lived here caught baby shrimps for living in the early years. The fishing industry subsided gradually, and young people moved to other places, resulting a loss in population. Prosperity eventually disappeared. The loss of population leads to a lot of empty houses, as a result, the old houses have not been damaged too much and have been retained intact. Time passed, someone raised the idea of old house preservation. By repairing and planning of the broken empty house, the Qinbi Village showed a new look and attracted a large number of tourists.

Walking in Qinbi rural area, you can see the spiritual slogans left by the war time, and can imagine how solemn the atmosphere then.

"To maintain combat readiness" is the most significant slogan landmark at Fu'ao Port, people can see the slogan while approaching the port, it shows the Matsu's battlefield spirit.

Fresh mussels are grown in pollution-free waters of Matsu, many French restaurant chefs deliberately come over to Matsu to purchase them in person. The peak production season is from May to October every year, the texture of the mussels is sweet and delicious, no matter how you boiled, flavored, baked, or charcoal. Everyone who eats is very satisfied.



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