Nantou, Taiwan Mount Hehuan

The highest Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan where beautiful sea of Azaleas bloom during spring and summer; maples fall with snow in autumn and winter. The different scenes throughout the year are simply stunning.

Company philosophy

Integrity, Strict selection, and Responsibility

Earth contains many splendid ecologies, creating an energetic and spiritual world. Human beings depend on the earth and live with it for the thousands of years, forming history endlessly.

The company adheres to the concept of " Integrity, Strict selection, and Responsibility ", with the concepts, we work hard from the past to the future. We try to create a combination of delicious tastes from the nature, with the modern technology, and a high standard of quality control to provide you with an unforgettable fragrance, conveying a sense to people feeling like as if a ballet performance on the tongue.

For the name of " Taiwanese food", we work on not only selecting high quality of food carefully, but also concerning the health and safety of our customers. Based on the green economy cycle, we develop more and more high-quality and sustainable products, to achieve a self-contained environment.



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