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The climate changes tremendously in Taiwan. As a result, the natural environment is very diverse and complex. Mountains and the coastal landscapes are affected by the seasonal wind, from Spring to Winter.

In Taiwan, there are more than 200 high mountains, which heights are higher than 300 meters. It is a rare geographical phenomena around the world. In these mountains, it is easy to associate with "plentiful resources". In 1937, tea leaves from Zintun named "Formosa Black Tea" were sent to the London auction in the United Kingdom. It was highly complimented and became tribute tea for the Japanese emperor.

Among countless Taiwanese special cultures, the beautiful sceneries, delicious food, and good moods are the most impressive. They are called "Taiwan's Three Treasures"! Coastal scenery, historical monuments, diverse fruits, local specialties, etc...

The rich human touch and the plain "living" are the characteristics of Taiwan, it leads to the difference between Taiwan and other countries.

Taitung Ikegami

Mr. Brown Road is officially named Jinxin Road No. 3, the length is about 2.2 kilometers. Since there is no electric poles on the two sides of road, once the rice matures,...

Da-DaO Cheng

"Da-Dao Cheng" is located in the southwestern part of Datong District, Taipei City, its name means "a large open space for drying rice". In 1860, Tamsui port opened,


The village of Qinbi is promoted by advertisements and photographers, adding its own terrain and architecture features. It is therefore known as "Matsu's Many of the old 

Xiahai City God Temple

Xia-Hai City God Temple locates beside Da-Dao Cheng Yong Le market, there is endless stream of pilgrims, in which, there are many joss sticks and candles burning. It has remained in its original 

Chi-Shang Doupi

Da-Chi-Doi-Pi shop has been established nearly 50 years. It is the only handmade bean curd factory in Taitung. It also supplies soy milk, bean curd and dried bean curd, etc.....

Shifen Waterfall

If you visit Shihfen Station, one of the must-see spots is Shihfen Waterfall which located in Pingsi town. The difference between the highest point to the lowest point of the waterfall is 15 to 20 ....

Penghu Dongjiyu

Dongji Island is under Penghu County, it is only about 40 kilometers away from Tainan City, distance similar to Magong City. Early days, ships mostly departed from Tainan to Dongji Island...

Nantou Shanlinxi

As Taiwan is located in a subtropical region, the climate is warm and humid, with abundant rainfall, and the topography and soil quality are suitable for tea cultivation...




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