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Shifen Waterfall

If you visit Shihfen Station, one of the must-see spots is Shihfen Waterfall which located in Pingsi town. The difference between the highest point to the lowest point of the waterfall is 15 to 20 meters. The rock formation and a stream flowing of the waterfall is in the opposite direction. It is the largest curtain waterfall in Taiwan, which is similar to Niagara Falls, so it is also nicknamed "Taiwan Niagara Falls". The water of Shifen Waterfall is very deep, the area is filled with the water vapor all the time. Under the sunlight, you can see a beautiful rainbow above the waterfall, the scenery attracts many tourists to visit.

At Shihfen Station, the queue of tourists looks like a knitting scarf, it's amazing! People are packed at the platform. Since there are not so many trains, many tourists walk on the rails. Walking to the Shihfen Old Street, the stores on both sides are selling sky lanterns, each of which provides a service to help tourists taking pictures. When there is train passes by, there will be shopkeepers shouting and yelling: The train is coming! All the tourists on the railway will quickly run to both sides. The train runs on the railway but the businesses on both sides are so close. This is the special scenery of the Shihfen Old Street.



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