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Da-Dao Cheng

"Da-Dao Cheng" is located in the southwestern part of Datong District, Taipei City, its name means "a large open space for drying rice".

In 1860, Tamsui port opened, Da-Dao Cheng became the most prosperous material distribution center in Taipei, mainly in trading tea and fabrics. Da-Dao Cheng's tea traded with foreign companies, not only expanded the market, but also created an amazing wealth and prosperity. It is also known as Taiwan Formosa Tea.

In each Chinese New Year, there is a "Spring Festival", the "New Year Street" which held for two weeks. It gathers not only the dry goods of agricultural, fishery and farming products, but also seafood, fruits and snacks collected from the mountains.

The seafood category includes dry goods of various marine life, vacuum-packed fish, and frozen foods made into pellets or dumplings. These products are mainly imported from various fishing ports in Taiwan, Penghu, Matsu, and Japan. The mountain category includes all kinds of dry fruits and vegetables produced in the mountains, ready for brewing and produce drinks, whole grains and tonic Chinese herbs are mainly produced locally in Taiwan.

The melon and fruit snacks include melon seeds, candied fruits, sweets and snacks, etc., which provide various choices for people to choose and buy for the Chinese New Year.



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