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Xiahai City God Temple

Xia-Hai City God Temple locates beside Da-Dao Cheng Yong Le market, there is endless stream of pilgrims, in which, there are many joss sticks and candles burning. It has remained in its original form for more than 100 years without any expansion. It is because of an old Chinese Feng Shui saying, that the believers think the City God Temple is in a "Chicken Hole" on Chinese feng shui, meaning a nest. Once the nest is destroyed and renovated, the whole land would not be peaceful.

Entering the temple, you can see a lot of gods statutes, arranged in hierarchy form from top to bottom. In the niche, the city god is enshrined. In ancient times, "City" represented the city, and "God" represented the moat, in other words, the city god was the native saint in the moat.

he matchmaker in the moon of Xia-Hai City God Temple helped more than 6,000 pairs of domestic and foreign couples each year. Taipei's Xiahai City God Temple is well recognized by internet users to be one of the most "proof to be efficacious" temple in Taiwan. Since there are so many Japanese tourists coming over, the temple deliberately publishes a Japanese version of the worship scheme of the matchmaker in the moon.

It is often seen here that many wedding cakes for the believers, placing onto the table. It is one of the characteristics of this temple. The Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau holds the Da-Dao Cheng Valentine' Day fireworks in August every year. The temple also holds a party, teaching how to worship the matchmaker in the moon properly.



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