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Mr. Brown Road is officially named Jinxin Road No. 3, the length is about 2.2 kilometers. Since there is no electric poles on the two sides of road, once the rice matures, it shows like two aisles of golden waves, swaying in the wind. This scene was chosen by both Mr. Brown Coffee and EVA Air to produce commercial shootings, and the latter one hired Takeshi Kaneshiro as spoke person, and then the scene has become famous and nicknamed as "Mr. Brown Road" ever since.

There are many different driving routes along the avenue, the road surface has a small height variation of about 5 meters, and you can enjoy the endless farmland scenery while riding a bicycle. There are small and large watermills along the rice fields and rivers are ancient, in here, you can feel the pace as if you were back to the 1940s and 1950s.

Mr. Brown Road has become popular all over the world because of the advertisement of EVA Air. The Autumn maple tree where Takeshi Kaneshiro rested and had a cup of tea is nicknamed as "Jincheng Wushu" (meaning the tree of his Chinese name). It attracts many tourists and Mr. Brown Road has become one of the 'must-visit spots' for tourists. In 2014, the tree has been destroyed and fell apart due to typhoon Matmo. Fortunately, after rectifying and trimming the branches, it has now been planted back to the original site.



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