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As Taiwan is located in a subtropical region, the climate is warm and humid, with abundant rainfall, and the topography and soil quality are suitable for tea cultivation.

There are many famous tea in Taiwan, such as: Alishan high mountain tea, Lishan oolong tea, Shanlinxi high mountain tea, Nantou Lugu’s frozen top oolong tea, Wenshan Baozhong tea, etc. Tea leaves are being roasted in different methods, depending on the type of the tea. Different ways of roasting creates various combination of color, aroma, and flavor is the essence of Taiwanese tea.

The tea is divided into different types, for example: high mountain tea gives people a fresh aroma, Dongding Oolong tea suitable for people to challenge their roasting technique , Sun Moon Lake black tea gives people a light mint aroma, and Oriental Beauty tea from Hsinchu is also very well-known.

Shanlinxi tea area is the most widely distributed, such as Shanlinxi, Longfeng Gorge, Yangziwan, Ruanjiao and other places are well-known producing areas. The altitude ranges from 1,100 meters to 1,900 meters.  Due to the large height difference, Shanlinxi, Lishan , and Alishan are called the three major alpine tea regions in Taiwan.

In Shanlinxi tea area is surrounding by clouds and mists all over the year, the soil is well fertilized, the rainfall distributes evenly. In Summertime, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. The climate is cool but there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening. There are bamboo forests and forests near the tea area, tea leaves are grown within the raw forest, having a unique fir aroma, which so-called "tea scent comes with a mountain top".

Spring tea is also called "Chunzi tea". The harvest period is about mid-March to early May, and the output is the highest in a year. In spring, the climate becomes warmer and stable, with abundant rainfall, strong and plump tea trees begin to sprout new shoots, and their growth rate becomes faster.

Picking and making tea depends on the weather. Before the sun rises, when the tea leaves are still full of dew, the tea pickers begin to harvest quickly, worrying that it will rain halfway through the harvest or the sun has raised up high in the sky. All details of picking tea leaves could affect the whether the tea will be bitter or not.

The harvested tea leaves are gradually put into production line of the tea factory, The whole series of procedures, moves step by step, without stopping all the way until late at night to the next morning. Such hard working product line design is for the purpose to make sure the top-quality of "Shanglinxi Mountain Tea"



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