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Chi-Shang Doupi

Da-Chi-Doi-Pi shop has been established nearly 50 years. It is the only handmade bean curd factory in Taitung. It also supplies soy milk, bean curd and dried bean curd, etc.

In the early days, the main sales of bean curd production were for the bean curd shops distributions, and then currently becoming retail. The bean curds were deep-fried on both sides until slightly burnt. The inner layer of the bean curd remains soft and tender. Without any special seasoning, the only taste of it is the unique fragrance of bean. The shop has become a must-visit place for tourists, people enjoy smelling how they pan-fry the hand-made bean curd. Even with a very special business hours!

It is written: "Open from 7 am to... sold out"

In Da-Chi-Doi-Pi shop, the process of making of bean curds is totally open to the public, it is a simple kitchen, production is by using ancient methods: the soybeans are processed, the soybean dregs and soybean milk are filtered and separated, and then steamed by firewood. Such soymilk is cooked under high temperature. The owner picks up the film solidified on the surface of the soymilk rapidly and hangs it onto the bamboo poles. The bean curd skins are then placed one by one, and slightly drained. The two sides of the bean curd skins are deep-fried to golden brown and that's it.

Soybean pudding in Taipei is served by several thin layers of bean curd, adding favored ingredients and syrup. In Da-Chi-Doi-Pi shop, the soybean pudding is served in a thicker layers of bean curd. You can feel the strong sense of bean flavor and you can try to enjoy a big bite! Strongly recommended!

Another "strongly recommended" is the dried bean curds, which are spread out one by one and dried in time. The dried bean curds can be bought back by tourists without worrying about getting spoiled. It tastes very delicious if you stir-fried them with celery or put into hotpots. No msg or preservatives are added in the production of bean curds in Da-Chi-Doi-Pi shop. They concern health problem and the selection of ingredients, which fulfill many modern people's original dieting.



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