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Penghu Dongjiyu

Dongji Island is under Penghu County, it is only about 40 kilometers away from Tainan City, distance similar to Magong City.

Early days, ships mostly departed from Tainan to Dongji Island, people rested in Dongji Island for one night, and then traveled to Ma King, Penghu by boats. Dongji Island was an important transition station to Penghu in the early days. There were many Japanese -style buildings on the island, the design ideas were combining Penghu’s historical residences and the 'Baroque design' Western-style buildings, which should be due to influence of Tainan during the Japanese occupation.

In 2014, South Penghu Marine National Park was established. This National Park and Chimei Island in the south have become one of the most eye catching tourist point recent years.


Nowadays, transportation is convenient, Dongji Island has gradually lost its function as a transition station. Because of not many people go to the island, the environment remain undestroyed, The original unpolluted clear waters becomes a good nest for fish. More and more fishermen have taken the place of shipping labours, coming on their sailing boats.



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